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Project Description

Multi-layer resins pavements

The multilayer resin floor consists of the application of a series of layers of resin, which after the processes of Preparation of the support, Pouring, Extended, Armed and Leveling, result in a pavement of excellent qualities.

  1. Surface preparation:The existing surface is treated by a milling or sanding process, until the elimination of oil, grease, dust, or other contaminants and the opening of the pore, in order to allow good adherence to the support, is completed with a process of Vacuuming remains and cleaning the surface.
    1. Application of 1st coat of primer:Consists in the supply and application of a pure primer layer, as a primer and anchoring system, to achieve optimum adhesion.
      1. Contribution of dry quartz:Supply and application of a dusted layer of quartz aggregate of 0.4 / 0.8 mm on the fresh primer, in order to increase the resistance to flexo traction of the pavement.
        1. 2nd Hand Resin Application:It consists of the supply and application of the first coat of resin, as the bottom coat of the system, once the previous layer has been sanded and vacuumed.
          1. Contribution of dry quartz:Supply and application of a dusted layer of 0.4 / 0.8 mm quartz aggregate on the fresh resin, in order to generate the required degree of adhesion.
            1. 3rd hand Resin application:Finally, once the previous hands have been reticulated, sanded and sucked out of dust and impurities, the last layer of the resin is applied as a sealing hand and end of the pavement, terminating the application.

The multilayer resin floor is advisable for interiors.

In interiors it is advisable for, Shopping Centers, Interior Decoration, Kitchens, Laboratories, Sanitary Installations, Industrial Facilities, Food handling facilities.

The multilayer resin flooring can be made in different thicknesses, depending on the number of layers that make up the chosen system, the type of application with which it is made, the necessary response to compression and resistance to flexo traction, also determines its thickness the need of pending.

The thickness varies between a minimum of 1.5 mm and a maximum of 6 mm

The multilayer resin flooring is usually continuous, avoiding leaving joints except for exceptions.

The multilayer resin flooring, according to the mechanical requirements required in each case in particular, allows the arming with quartz aggregate, applied by dusting, thereby achieving a better response of the final product to the different requirements required such as resistance to compression, resistance to flexo traction.

The multilayer resin flooring allows a wide range of colors in its finish, making it possible to obtain any color of the Ral card, the floor acquires colorations whose sole purpose is to give it an aesthetic appearance desired by the client.

The multilayer resin flooring has several levels of surface finish, based on the use and desire of the client, being possible to obtain a smoother or more slippery pavement.

The resulting pavement, obtains some magnificent characteristics, among them it is possible to emphasize:

Its good behavior to mechanical stresses, such as compression resistance and resistance to flexo traction.

Its good behavior to thermal stresses, being resistant to high temperatures.

Its good behavior to the attack of chemical agents.

Its good behavior to fire.

Its good behavior impervious to water and carbon dioxide

Very low pavement maintenance once finished.

Ease of cleaning, which is carried out simply with water.

Huge durability

An exceptional aesthetic finish, mainly for its wide range of colors.

The preparation of the support is a main part of the good result of the work, must meet the following requirements:

It must be firm and have adequate compressive strength

The surface texture must be open pore

Be completely clean

Be completely dry

Be consolidated and free of loose particles

Stay free of oils, fats or any other contaminant that may impair adhesion

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